Millionaire Morning Meditation

Access Flow State And Reach New Levels Of Performance Faster, Easier and With Less Effort

What's included in this powerful audio training?

You will gain instant access to over 30 minutes of deep audio brain-training to get you into energetic alignment, fast! 

Why am I sharing it with you, and for free?

I've never shared this recording outside my private clients before. But I feel called to share it with you because I know what a huge difference it can make to you and your daily ability to cultivate and continuously expand your dream life and business. And that's what I stand for in the world, people having lives and businesses beyond their wildest dreams.  

It's at least £7,000 to work with me 1:1, but I'm making this recording available to you for free because I know more people need access to this life-changing mindset training! 

Why meditation? Spoiler alert: it's about so much more than just "feeling good"!

Four years ago, I was a busy executive in Manhattan, with a job and a life I loved (or so I thought). On the subway each morning, I loved listening to podcasts like Lewis Howes' School of Greatness, and The Tim Ferriss' Show, and they and their guests kept talking about meditation, so I decided to try it.  

I suspected it was going to feel good. But in reality, feeling good was just the tiniest part of it. Meditation changed everything for me. 

Without even trying, I developed a deeper connection to myself, more clarity, more aligned eating habits, a deeper sense of purpose, and I got really clear that the life I was living at the time was absolutely great, but it wasn’t 100% aligned with my soul. 

I knew there was MORE available. 

More fire in my belly, more impact, more fulfilment. 

So I started re-training to do what I REALLY wanted to do (what I'd secretly wanted to do all along, actually), and shortly afterwards left my corporate job to launch my dream business. 

Surprise, surprise, it took off incredibly fast (as things do, when you do what's fully aligned!), and... well here we are!

Why Did I Create This Training And Who Is It For?

After working with hundreds of high-performers to transform the quality of their lives and businesses, I noticed that there was a common challenge every single one of them was experiencing, one that I too had experienced back before I started meditating.

They’d wake up in the morning with such big goals and visions, and they’d think about those goals and visions, and then they'd feel overwhelmed and feel like the gap between where they were and where they wanted to be was too big (even though they were already crushing it!!). And then they’d start taking action from that space. And guess how easily further action flowed?! You guessed it, everything felt HARD and HEAVY for them.  

So I created this brain-training for my private clients to get them in a state of absolute clarity and energetic alignment first thing in the morning, before they did anything else, so that they could enter the rest of the day from a really solid foundation. And ever since, many of my clients have been using this meditation daily to get them in alignment and help them achieve their goals.  

To get them to a place where they’re not inadvertently blocking themselves by taking the right actions, but from the wrong energy, or taking actions but having it feel hard and heavy and artificially slow. When you wake up feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it’s easy to just assume that’s how you’re going to feel until you get a bunch of stuff of your to do list.  

Why is energetic alignment so important?

In reality, when you get into energetic alignment and flow FIRST, that’s when you’re able to power through your to-do list, faster, easier and without even really feeling like you're trying! Making massive progress starts to feel effortless and your best ideas, solutions and actions just flow through you. THIS is how you create the life and business you truly deserve. And not someday, but right now.  

Of course, your life is already great. But when was great enough for you? This recording is your first step to the massive up-level we both know is calling you. Click below to get instant access to it.